How’s The Weather???

Just another Oregon day you say… I suppose so.  Yesterday it was a beautiful warm 60 degrees, sun was shining and I even think I heard a lawn mower fire up.  The Daffodils and Crocus are starting to poke their heads around the yard, with hopes of Spring right on their heals.

Then I got up this morning…. Snow!!  Yes I said Snow!!  What the Heck…  Things started to turn white, then it turned to rain and then the sun was out.  It did this for a few hours.  Oh did I mention the wind?  Oh Ya there was a nice breeze coming in from the South West.  Yep, Only in Oregon.  Got to love the weather here, I know I do!

So what does a good Valley Girl do on a day like to day?  Yep you are right… I headed to Best Buy!  Got a new camera so I can start taking pictures of these great Oregon Days and share them with all of you.

Thank you for reading,

Oregon Smiles with Franny


6 comments on “How’s The Weather???

  1. OH Goody… what kind did you get…. what kind did you get… I’m so excited for you.. can’t wait to see all the beautiful Oregon pics 😀

    • Nothing real fancy. Fuji Finepix S2950. It is 14 megaPixels, 18x Wide 28mm Opitcal Zoom and HD Movie. The price was so good, my friend Jamie got one too. She said that it is fully automatic and we also have the capibility of Manual override…. I am still reading my book. So excited!!

  2. Wow! That’s like having all the seasons in one day;)! So glad you treated yourself to a camera:) you’ve already put it to good use I see from your very pretty pictures:) looking forward to you snapping and sharing some more;)

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