Spring Has Sprung

Oh how I love Spring and I think maybe it is getting closer to us here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  We had snow last week, with the Daffodils and Crocus poking their little heads out of the ground, but in Oregon the weather never lacks in surprising us.  It is very unpredictable up until summer.   I remember spending many a 4th of July with it raining.  But as a Native Oregonian and growing up in Astoria on the Oregon Coast, you get used to it.

Waking up to the sun peaking its head out of the clouds, giving the neighborhood a nice glow, really gets one re-energized and makes me smile.  There is just something about the sunshine that makes you want to get outdoors and start all of those projects that you have thought about since Fall.  My goal has always been to do one major yard project each year, but for the last few years other life obstacles have taken priority and projects put on hold.

When my friend over at Luv and Light posted at the end of last year about crossing over the bridge and leaving all the old baggage behind and starting anew, that is when I knew that 2012 would be a good year.  Oh how I thank Daisy for sharing that with us.  It has given me some long-lost energy and life renewal.  Life changes and challenges have a never looked better than when that Sunshine greeted me the other morning.

So as the seasons change once again, I am dusting off those ideas, dreams and projects.  Looking forward and enjoying this Spring to come, with some old and new friends. Sharing my new-found creativeness and continuing to thank God for everything that he has given me.

~Oregon Smiles …. with Franny, On The Road Less Traveled

7 comments on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. Wonderful post Franny… I can’t help but feel envious of you as you enter into Spring. It’s my favourite season and we are now as far away from it as humanly possible. And I am so glad that Daisy has inspired you.. she does that for me each and every day.

  2. I am so touched to read your words here Franny!! Thank you SO much:):)!!! And thank you Tracie for your beautiful words as well:)!! I love how the world works and links the “necessary” people together. I am very grateful for being part of this gorgeous circle:)!! Luv and Light always my dear friends:)!!xoxoxo

    • Yes it’s all in the timing. God’s timing. I truly believe that he lead me to the both of you. One of my insights for the year is to pull my Tribe together… and here we are together … On The Road Less Traveled!

  3. BTW I just love your pic of that gorgeous flower showing its healing color of purple and love Tracie’s photo up on top! Beautiful work ladies:)!!

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