It’s A Bug’s Life

There are times I feel very small.   When I look at the Big Scheme of things in this world, I am just a bug.   Just the worker Bee that is here to get things done.  The only draw back from that is, we are at the mercy of those that run our country and make the rules, Oh well such is life.  It’s a Bug’s Life.

It is nice down here as the bug, as long as you don’t get stepped on by the predators in life.   Those whose whole existence depends on using other people, for their own gain.  Not caring who or what they leave in the wake of it all.

That is why I have found it so important to surround yourself with like-minded people, Your Tribe!  Helping, Loving and Caring for each other.  Covering each other when needed.  Being there for support, no matter what time of night or day.

One good thing about being a bug is that you can move from place to place pretty easy.  Taking care of business, not being noticed by all the other Beasties out there in this big crazy world.   Living a simple life of  Hakuna matata and like an old friend used to say all the time “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”.

~Oregon Smiles …. with Franny, On The Road Less Traveled

Photography provided by: Tracie Louise Photography

7 comments on “It’s A Bug’s Life

  1. You are far greater than you have ever known little bug. It is the meek who shall inherit the Earth. You are not powerless at all, but you have all the power and all the will and all the determination that you require. No-one has the power to step on you….. not without your permission. You reap what you sow. And so by thinking that you are capable of being stepped on, so be it. But by realising and embracing your Greatness… no one can ever harm you. You are at the mercy of no-one little bug… but yourself. Go out into the world and be GREAT!!!!

  2. Beautiful post & picture Franny:):)!!

    I think we can all relate here…but even the tiniest bug has its reason and purpose:)!! We all matter:):)!! Besides with wings as huge as yours you can never be a bug- an angel, a beautiful huge bird, YES! But never a tiny bug;)!!xoxoxoxo

    • Awwww thanks Daisy. Not to toot my horn, but I have been called an Earth Angel. The job I do, helping others make their life the best it can be at the end of it, is very rewarding. Being there when someone is crossing over to the other side, brings you very close to the Angels. Very Glorious and rewarding.

    • Thank you Judy for stopping by. It is a work in progress 🙂 Yes my pictures are stunning, but I can’t take credit for them. They are from a new friend of mine that I met online. She has been instrumental in me starting this blog. Tracie lives in Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia. You can see her work at her site check her out. She has a blog here on WordPress as well. Very inspirational. I look forward to following you as well. ~Oregon Smiles … with Franny, On The Road Less Traveled

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