Dare To Dream

Today was a day to remind me that we need to follow our Dreams.  Dare to Dream for those endless possibilities.  I watched this movie called “The Kid”  great movie.  For those that haven’t seen it, the story line is about a guy whose 8-year-old self comes back to visit in present day.  The guy was 40+ years old and still not married and his life was nothing like his thoughts and dreams as boy.

Oh how he had changed.  How he was led down a different road, how things that had happened to him in his early life had made him into the person that he had become. He hadn’t become the man in that little boys hopes and dreams.

We are a product of what we went through as children.  It has molded us into the person that we are today. There are things in life that I am sorry for doing,  sorry for things that I have said, sorry for those that I may hurt and made feel bad, but I am not sorry for being me. We can look back and either have regrets or embrace who we are.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that we have to stop dreaming. Break out of your shell and take a chance.  We are never to old to live the dream, we only get so much time and so many chances in life. If you don’t, that is when you will have the regrets.  Regrets for not Living Out Loud. Dare to Dream and most importantly, Live the Dream.

~Oregon Smiles … with Franny, On The Road Less Traveled

Photography provided by Tracie Louise Photography


9 comments on “Dare To Dream

  1. Ask yourself this… how old will you be in 5 years time if you go after your dreams and pursue your goals? And how old will you be in 5 years time, if you don’t? Basically, you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Great post Franny 🙂

    • Thank you Tracie. So very true. One thing I told my kids growing up is try. Even if you make a mistake at least you are trying and that is better than sitting doing nothing and becoming stagnet. Learning from our mistakes helps us grow and become who we are. So reach out for your Dreams…. Dare to Dream and Live It!! My oldest son is doing just that. He wanted to be a Pilot ever since he was 3 years old. Now at 30 he is a Corporate Pilot for one of the biggest Oil & Gas Drilling companies in the United States. He is Living his Dream!!

      • I am trying to make my own son understand this. I would hate for him to only be beginning his quest at age 45 (when I started). I know he understands what I am saying, but he is still letting fear stop him at this stage. Congrats to your son… that’s wonderful.

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