Good Friday

Thank You Jesus

Good Friday is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday. On this day Christians commemorate the passion, or suffering, and death on the cross of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Many Christians spend this day in fasting, prayer, repentance, and meditation on the agony and suffering of Christ on the cross. (For a more detailed explanation about Christ’s death, see Why Did Jesus Have to Die?)

The biblical account of Jesus’ death on the cross, or crucifixion, his burial and his resurrection, or raising from the dead, can be found in the following passages of Scripture:

Matthew 27:27-28:8

Mark 15:16-16:19

Luke 23:26-24:35

John 19:16-20:30.

~Oregon Smiles … with Franny, On The Road Less Traveled

Header Photography provided by: Tracie Louise Photography


8 comments on “Good Friday

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      • Hi Franny, right now for us it is still Easter Sunday 4.12 PM, do you know that all over the World we will be in unity sometime during Easter Sunday the same as Good Friday and Christmas day in fact everyday. In Pennsylvania, United States where my friend Karin lives, it’s 2.12 am Sunday Morning, not sure where you live Franny.

        Just to encourage you, if you are Born again of God’s seed you have no fear of loosing your Salvation. in Truth if you are a redeamed Child of God who He knew before you were even conceived that you would come to heart repentance you were saved from Eternity and He has chosen you to be conformed into the image of Hiis Son Jesus Christ .

        Jesus died for everyone in the World they all have the promise of the free gift of Salvation but they have to accept it by heart repentance which shows they believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour tand are acknowelaging it is True and but not just their words but their actions will confirm this.

        Christian Love from us both – Anne.

    • Oh what and honor Kate. I thank you so much. When I started my blog a little over a month ago, it was for me. What I have found is that by sharing my thoughts and feelings, I have been inspirational to others. It is such a great feeling that I could possiably make a difference in someone’s life. So thank you for the recognition. I will wear it proudly. ~Franny

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