Blogging Tips: Growing a Readership

I am not sure how to share this with my followers.  Still a Newbie on some of this.  This is a great blog from my friend over at Kana’s Chronicles.  Lots of great information for us Newbie bloggers and reminders for the Veterans.

Blogging Tips: Growing a Readership.

Enjoy.  ~Oregon Smiles with Franny, On The Road Less Traveled.


15 comments on “Blogging Tips: Growing a Readership

  1. Hi Franny, well your a year older and wiser as they say, thanks for the tips but I don’t appreciate some of the langue used in this woman’s post but then she is not a Christian and they do at times express themselves coarsely my family are the same I tolerate it but I don’t like it or agree with it and they know and have toned down at least when I’m with them.

    As for Blogging with me it is a conversation not a one man show, if there is no conversation or even acknowledgment unless there is a reason and it continues I loose interest. Blogging friendship grows as we share together, God tells us to uplift and encourage each other and take an interest in what interests others, which is why I like the Awards,. But if Bloggers don’t want friendship, just someone to approve of what they write and that is their choice then I don’t see the need to continue being ignored, who would. I’m not into numbers although I check what interests others and appreciate that others like what I share but I do find where they come from amazing with WordPress new Statistics map of the World but I mostly pray for God to send me or help me find those that will benefit from my sharing and those I will benefit from.

    I don’t use the like button unless I read what is shared, and I don’t use it in place of a thank or a comment of acknowledgment. I don’t use it to find contacts, I do that by reading peoples comments both on my Blog and other peoples Blogs, I have met some wonderful like minded Blogging friends that way.

    Take Care – Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

    • Goodness! I’m sorry, Franny, to have offended one of your readers (though I confess I’m at a loss as to what language was “coarse” in this post… I guess “statistics slut” must have crossed Anne’s line of comfort.)

      I’m curious about her assumption that I’m not Christian. As it happens, I’m an ordained minister. But that’s okay–God has a sense of humor, and so do I. 😉

      • Wow, when I got home today and opened my blog, never in a million years did I think it would have opened up this kind of can of worms…. But No worries Kana. I was not offended or I wouldn’t have reposted it. It has some useful information and Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That is what makes up most of the free world. When I reposted it I was not making a judgment if you were a Christian or not. It is not for me to even question. Everyone’s beliefs are their own. I am sorry if you were offended. One thing I have learned in my life is that I can not and will not be able to make everyone happy, that no matter what I say or do there maybe someone that will not agree with my opinion.

  2. @Freedomborn… “but then she is not a Christian and they do at times express themselves coarsely” I am SO offended by this attitude I don’t even know where to begin. Are you SERIOUS?? It’s that type of mass-generalisation that is SO incredibly destructive… and before you going making ridiculous statements such as these (particularly in a public forum).. first ask yourself “is this something Jesus would have said?”… I might be wrong, but I seriously doubt that He would.

    Sorry Franny… didn’t mean to use your wonderful blog as a soap box, but that attitude just boils my blood. This was a wonderful post, and I intend to go over it in more detail later. Thanks dear Friend xxoo

    • Thank you Tracie. We got some really good dialog going today when I was away. Funny thing is, it never even crossed my mind to question if she was a Christian or not. It is not for me to ask or pass judgment on someone else. I can only be accountable for myself and my relationship with the Lord. Franny

      • Good way to be Franny. I wasn’t proud of myself for getting so upset. I just have a hard time dealing with an “us and them” attitude. But we all have our own “stuff” to sort out, eh!

  3. Dear Franny~
    I love your kind and accepting attitude. I love your blog and I thank you once again for posting Kana’s tips. I love to find ways to grow my readership. Not for my own popularity or my ego. Rather, the more that read what I and my followers write and comment, the more people can hopefully be uplifted.

    My dream is to connect people in a warm, loving, accepting, nonjudgmental chain of light. I have seen that same criticizing attitude about blog awards. I truly do not see blog awards or growing your readership as begging for friends or popularity. It is a way to find other people who would be fascinating to know….people who lift you up.

    The re-post and your other posts are lovely and uplifting; I thank you for that.

    • Thank you Kate for the warm words. That has been and always will be my intention. My goal in life has always been to help others, in a warm and loving manner. When my friend suggested that I do a blog and share my insight and such, I never realized all the wonderful people, such as you, that I would meet. I don’t let other people’s stupidity or ignorance get in my way. I am who I am and live by the words… Don’t sweat the small stuff. I Just forgive and move on, letting god take care of them. Life is just to short to worry about one or two people. I have too many others out there to reach out to. So again Thank you. It’s great having new friends such as yourself.

  4. Wow I see that there are many opinions here and good dialogue. I cannot remember bow how I found your vlog but knew i’d like when I was visiting the 1st time. Now its reafformed for me by this conversation that was going on. Good stuff as is often said.

    Thank you for choosing to follow my blog as well. I hope that I can find as inspiring words left on my own blog.

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