My friend recently posted a picture on her blog at Tracie Louise Photography and the comments where referring on how she had turned up the saturation or something with her camera settings.  I guess it has something to do with the light….. I am clueless

There is a saturation that I am familiar with here in Oregon…   that is how much rain soaked into the ground.

I Love the Rain!  The rain is like the life of the earth. It gives strength, it cleanses and refreshes, It gives life to our souls.

What we need to remember is ….

Don’t wait for the Storm to pass, Learn to Dance in The Rain!

The Painted Lady Butterfly

~Oregon Smiles with Franny, On The Road Less Traveled

Photography provided by Tracie Louise Photography,  Thank you Tracie your work is amazing to me.

3 comments on “Saturation

  1. This may be the wrong time for me to be reading this. After driving for 4 hours to get to the Gold Coast, to visit a spot I have long wanted to see, it rained the entire way there. It poured down the entire weekend. Jack’s golf tournament was cancelled due to the bunkers becoming swimming pools. I didn’t get to go to Tamorbine National Park. And rain is just not my friend right now. I have been trying SO hard to see the upside of this, but not sure what it is yet.

    • I think you hit your Saturation Point …. So sorry your weekend was Water logged and I would agree, doesn’t sound like an uplifting trip. It has been so dry for you folks there and then when you get the opportunity to explore Mother Nature had other plans.

  2. I saw your blog name on Kate’s blog. I was immediately attracted. Native Oregonian (57 proud years) living in the high desert of Central Oregon now after all my life in the valley. Reading about rain made me home sick for the lush green, then I reminded myself a couple hours a way is all. I’m too rusty after all those years that as I my bones age the baked sun is more for me.

    I loved your analogy in Kates post about hopskotch. The squares being the mistake, the marker(rock) for forgiveness. Really beautiful.

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