Franny’s Photo’s

Honu, Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Big Island, Hawaii 2011

Lava Arch, Volcanoes National Park, Big Island, Hawaii 2011

Hilo Farmers Market

4 comments on “Franny’s Photo’s

  1. Dear Franny, nice to meet you! I see a pic I think I recognise – one by Tracie! And of course, one of our own green frogs! Tracie and I live about 5hrs away from each other – I am on the coast, right next to the Bay, whereas Tracie is inland. Where she lives there are heaps of green frogs, there are supposed to be lots here too, but they pass through our patio on their way to the creek which is behind our house, so they are passers through, not residents! What kind of frogs do you have in Oregon? I went to India in 2007 and there were two gay boys from Oregon on the tour and they gave it a big rap – told me how wonderful it was and that has interested me ever since….I love forests and trees, and Oregon seems to have heaps of trees. Last week we saw a doco on the Redwood Forests of California – they are so majestic, and so old, and it is such a pity that the early loggers cut them down…they said that each large tree makes enough for 2000 outdoor settings! 2000! But they are such big trees, I guess 2000 is possible.
    I really am very very lucky to have Tracie as a friend – we are Pisceans, and there is a third member of our friendship who is also Piscean – we all get on very well and understand where each other is coming from. I really do treasure our friendship and especially since she gave me her camera!
    It was nice of you to drop into my blog and leave those lovely comments about her – I hope that once I find out the hows etc of WordPress that I can also post some lovely things – just a babe in the woods at the moment! Take care, and wherever you are, wherever you go, have FUN!

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