Places and Spaces

Since I have been on Facebook, WordPress and the Blogging World, I have been privilaged to find and meet some Awesomely Wonderful people and their sites.

Please check them out when you get a chance and maybe they will be your favorites too.

Tracie @ Tracie Louise Photography  Check out her blog too, she always has great inspriation

Dina @ Luv and Light  Daisy has such great perspective on life and it’s challenges

Jennifer @ The Butterfly Effect Thoughts flapping wings of bliss & independence.

Jen @ Savor & Serve the World  Dispatches of Love and Insight – Jen’s Blog    Jennifer Louden is the author of The Life Organizer, The Comfort Queen and many more

Martha @  Creating Your Right Life, inspiration & tools for empowered living. Author of Finding Your Way In A Wild New World

Sarah @ Follow Your Feel Good with Alice the Elephant and Life Obstacle Assassin and your Beasties. Author of What The Walrus Knows

Sarah’s Book on Facebook: What The Walrus Knows: An Eccentric’s Guide To The Energies of Beasties

Joyce Meyer Ministries

The Alzheimer’s Reading Room

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