Memorable Vacation



5 comments on “Memorable Vacation

  1. In 2006 I went on a Cruise with my BFF. One of our ports of call was Catalina Island, California. We took a day Wildlife Viewing Excursion around the island in a Zodiac Raft/boat. We went off about 1 mile from shore and the Dolphins where swimming and jumping all around our boat. It was so exciting. ~Franny

  2. Held Hostage in Ensenada
    During the same cruise, I will never forget our adventure in Ensenada. Franny LOVES handbags, but my passion is lighthouses. We were in the plaza shopping and went into 2 different shops next to each other, promising to meet back in the street in 10 minutes. Neither of us had cell phones. 10 minutes passed, then 15, and 20. Still no Franny….It was getting late in the afternoon and almost time for the bus to take us back to the ship. I figured she must be in one of the other nearby shops so I started at peeking into each, but couldn’t find her. Gradually I made my way back to the bus hoping that she would be waiting for me. Again no Franny. The bus driver was about to leave and would not let me off the bus to search for her. I had just pushed my way past the him, determined I was not going to let my bestie be left behind alone in Mexico when she came rushing up the cobblestone street. The shop owner of the very first store decided he was not going to let her leave until she bought one of his handbags! Franny was held hostage for a handbag! I don’t remember if she bought one that day, I was just happy to have my friend back. We have been inseparable since then. She even hooked me up with a Louis V knockoff later in the trip and turned both my daughters into handbag girls! I love you Franny! Next trip….Daughtry concert, Portland, OR 6/2/12 HereWeGo!

  3. That’s almost impossible to chose… my hubby has taken me on so many wonderful adventures. I just adore the Grand Canyon, but Yellowstone and Grand Teton where pretty impressive as well. The first time we drove from Victoria up to Queensland (where we now live), not long after we were married, was pretty memorable. But we have had some pretty amazing weekends away too (I won’t tell you why those were memorable 😉

  4. Again, LOVED reading all of your comments:)!! For me it would have to be my trip to Costa Rica- the rain forest with their monkeys & the beaches were just so spectacular not to mention those unforgettable sun sets!! WOW!!!

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