A Girl’s Best Friend

The quest started for me 6 years ago when I found myself alone after 29 years of marriage.  I had been a wife and mother for so long, that becoming a widow was very lonesome.  Being part of a couple is what I knew and longed for again.  So after a tough holiday season of being alone, I set out for the online dating sites.  Wow… what a shock that was.  The games, dishonesty and superficial people out there was quite overwhelming.  I found that I was naive and just to trusting of people.  So after several months of being hurt and let down by what some in society said was acceptable, gave up my quest to find a male companion.

I finally told myself…. who needs a man, just get a dog!

That is when I found my Mini Dachshund, Daisy Mae, the best little friend a girl could ask for.  Giving you unconditional love and understanding.  Always truthful and always there for you.  Daisy has become my confidant and snuggle bug.  I can look at her even on the worse days and she can bring a warm smile to my gloomy days.

She is such a funny little girl.  Loves to sleep innocently under her blanket, but then is true to her hunting lineage, and loves the outdoors. She can be found running or digging a few holes in her yard or chasing the local squirrel with ravenous vigor. She doesn’t like any cats in her yard either.  Unless it’s her best friend Sammy my cat, who is twice her size.

Now trust me she is like another other kid.  She does get in trouble, but when she looks at you with those little brown eyes….. my heart melts.  Who can stay mad a that.  It’s just like having a child.  You love them so dearly, but you know they need the disciplined so things don’t get out of hand.

I have been very lucky in that I have been able to take Daisy Mae with me to work as a 24 hour Senior Caregiver.  In this last year she has become a Therapy Dog for my client who is in the end stages of Alzheimer’s.  She just loves our little Daisy and tells her stories all the time.  Daisy snuggles and is a protector when strangers come to visit.  It is quite amazing how an animal can bring such peace and joy to the sick and elderly.

God knew what I needed 5 years ago.  It was in his plan for my client as well.  Ms. Daisy Mae has been a blessing to us all.  She is truly A Girls Best Friend!!

~Oregon Smiles …. with Franny, On The Road Less Traveled