I’m Just Me….

I’m not perfect.  I’m me.

I’ve made bad decisions and wrong choices, but I’m me.

I’ve said the wrong things,  I’ve said the right things, because I’m me.

I don’t like everything I’ve done, but I did it because I’m me.

I’ve love the wrong people and trusted the wrong people, and I’m still me.

If I had a chance to start again, I wouldn’t change a thing.  Why?   Because I’m me!

There are a lot of good things about me,

You just need to look past the imperfections to see what’s right.

If you can’t do that, then it’s your loss. I’m the best I can be.  I am me!

Glass Bug

Glass Bug

~Oregon Smiles with Franny, On The Road Less Traveled

~Beautiful Photos courtesy of Tracie Louise Photography.  Thank you Tracie


My last couple of days have been filled with LASTS….  the Last time I did this, The Last time I did that.  Some of the Last’s where sad, but some of the Last’s have been glad.

Since I am a girl that doesn’t look at the glass as half empty or half full, but rather Thrilled that I have a glass at all,  I see these Last’s as the opportunity for my new FIRSTS.

Last’s don’t have to be a bad thing….  When God closes one door, He opens up another.  Tomorrow when I wake up and that door opens, it will be full of First’s.

It will be a day of,  First for this and First for that. Oh how exciting and what an adventure On The Road Less Traveled, full of FIRSTS.

Honey Eater, Australia

~Oregon Smiles with Franny, On The Road Less Traveled.

Photography provided by Tracie Louise Photography, Queensland, Australia

Hakuna Matata

It is so easy to worry about things that come along our way.  Life is so unpredictable that if we let it we could worry constantly about one thing or another.  Sometimes we even take on worry for someone else and that can cause more un-needed stress.

I have learned to ask myself,  “What good does it do to worry?”  Is it going to help something happen quicker or be better in the end.  No, there are so many variables and usually they are totally out of our control.  That is when I let go of the worry, I can relax and go about my day with things that are far more important.

Hakuna matata was a passing Swahili phrase that is literally translated as “There are no worries.” It is sometimes translated as “no worries”, although is more commonly used similarly to the American English phrase “no problem”. Timon and Pumbaa tell Simba in the Lion King movie , to move on from their troubled past and forgetting their worries.  To just live their lives in Hakuna Matata.

We can pray for god to help us, but unless we let go and Let God take over, we will continue the worry.  We need to turn our worries over to God. He tells us “Therefore do not worry and be anxious….that he knows what we need”  So we need to just cast our worries on him.

Make Hakuna Matata your life motto.  What will be, will be and there isn’t a darn thing we can do about it. So take a deep breath, cast your worries on the Lord and smile while he takes care of things.

~Oregon Smiles … with Franny, On The Road Less Traveled

Photography provided by Tracie Louise Photography

The Candle Lighter Award

Creation of New Blog Award: The Candle Lighter Award.  

I received this award today from a new blogging friend Kate Kresse over at her blog “Believe Anyway”  You can read about The Candle Lighter Award here at her posting.    She says in her post…”Let’s set the blogging world ablaze with Candles for all the positive oriented blogs. The world needs joy and lots of it.”

That is my goal as well.  I want to share positive thoughts and actions of my life, giving people a smile for the day or something to ponder about life when they are done reading.  So to receive this award is a great honor and shows me that I am on the right track.  That someone would take the time out of their day and give me recognition is truly amazing.

It is so good to see the good in people.  People that we have never met before, but are coming together with one common bond and that is to be positive in life.  Thank you Kate for this award, I will wear it with honor.

May the candle burn brightly for the positive in life.

~Oregon Smiles … with Franny, On The Road Less Traveled

The Tribe

Pulling It All Together….

In the early fall I found myself wondering around, not physically, but mentally.  I wasn’t sure where I was going, what should I be doing or thinking, it was like something was missing.  I reached out and reconnected with God again, as sometimes we can get sidetracked from what is the most important in our lives.  Started reading my daily devotional with Joyce Meyer and that helped me be more focused and thankful for what I do have.

I then began looking on Facebook for some inspirational women authors that I have followed through the years.  I not only found those women, but also came across many Life Coaches that had published books and now had their own web sites.  I also found a new, for me anyway, extraordinary photographer from Australia and a blogger from Canada as well.  Little did I know it would be the beginning of pulling my Tribe together.

Wow…Wow….these women where starting to change my life.  They got me to thinking in a whole new venue for a creative outlet.  Looking at things differently and showing me that my possibilities are endless.  To believe that I can do anything, that I am worth everything.

From the book “What the Walrus Knows” I had come to figure out why I was so mesmerized with the Sea Turtle.  It was my Core Life Beastie.  When I started reading the manifesto it described me totally, it was me.  Then I started my communication with Sarah Seidelmann the author of “What the Walrus Knows”.  She intern divined me the Frog for the year of 2012.  Oh my golly….My Bohemian Tribe and my goal for the year in pulling it all together.


The Galah's - My Tribe of Bohemians

Frog Manifesto Excerpts from “What The Walrus Knows”

LIVE IN HARMONY – Tune the Tribe. Bring balance to community.

MASTER CHANGE – Allow the old to fall away.  Move into new birth.

COLLECT THE UNCONVENTIONAL – Seek non-conformists.  Make pals with Bohemians

NOTICE THE NEW – Opportunities.  Updated abilities.  Fresh ways to move forward

There it was, staring back at me from the page.  With my family, very loyal life long friends and adding  my new friends from around the world, my tribe was coming together.  The Frog showed me that it was time for a change and by allowing the old to fall away I could move into the birth of “Oregon Smiles”  My new artistry with writing my blog and being what I consider myself, a Conservative Oregon Hippie from the 70’s, showed that I was new school Bohemianism. That just cracks me up…..

Well now it’s time to Tune my Tribe of Bohemians.  To reach out and seek more non-conformists through my blog.  Updating my abilities,  will transform my opportunities and I can move forward with a fresh exciting new start for the year.  Wow… does it get any better?  I am so excited, On The Road Less Traveled with my Bohemian Tribe.

~Oregon Smiles …. with Franny, On the Road Less Traveled

Photographs provided by Tracie Louise Photography  www.tracielouisephotography.com

In the Rear View Mirror….

Sometimes it seems like we are going round and round in a circle, stuck in this never-ending rut.  I have been there, stuck in that rut for so long that it was my comfort zone.   Afraid to move in any direction because it was comfortable there.

Our comfort zone isn’t always a good place for us, but it is all we know.  There are times that we might take one foot out of the rut and go back in.  There might even be a chance that we will get totally out of the rut for a time.  Sometimes our ruts are so deep from years of repeating the same things, thinking and believing the same negative things about ourselves that we go back in.  We don’t know what to do or how to handle the outside world.

 It takes Baby Steps.  Thinking positive thoughts and believing that we are worth good things.  It took me surrendering my life to God and knowing that he is with me always.  That I am never alone and that I can do anything with him at my side.  By stepping out of that rut and trusting in the Lord, I am able to start moving toward my dreams.  I know that I may come to that fork in the road,  but I choose The Road Less Traveled.

Are you stuck in a rut?  Just step out and follow your dream.  Forging ahead and building your road, following your dreams just like the pioneers before us.

Traveling The Road Less Traveled, Oregon Smiles with Franny